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February 13, 2013
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Request: Riley Animated+Story by IdunnsBox Request: Riley Animated+Story by IdunnsBox
Finally got the animator working (in case you didn't notice)
Anyway, here's some more awesome writing for the pic from my buddy Riley

Story by Riley: Home for the Holidays

Riley was finally home for the holidays. He was through with final exams and school for the semester and did not have to work over his break either. Although this break would be bittersweet for him because with this winter break came the normal family gathering on Christmas night, and that both excited him and worried him all at the same time. To most people, these feelings don’t make any sense, I mean its Christmas, and just about everyone loves Christmas. And don’t get Riley wrong he loves Christmas, it is just that his father, who works for an experimental drug firm as an engineer that had just created the first batch of what was going to be a pill that changed the world and Riley and one of his good family friends Max, that was coming over for their yearly Christmas party, would be its first human test participants.

It was a highly experimental drug that didn’t have a name yet but it was supposed to cause a hormonal regression in the user and in doing so cause said user’s physical age to also regress. Max, who is one of Riley’s cousins and best friends, and his family always comes over many hours before the party started to help Riley’s parents prepare. This year though when Max and his family had arrived, Riley’s father sat the 22-year-old Riley and 20-Year-old Max down in Riley’s bedroom to talk about what was going to happen. Riley’s father had already briefly spoken with Max’s dad who gave his consent for Max to be a participant and also for someone to try it with Eric. But now Riley’s dad was talking to them about what would take place, “Ok, now I am going to hand you both one pill. Riley yours is green and Max yours is blue. They are tailored so that when your regressions finish you should be almost exactly the same age.” “And how old will that be?” Riley asked. “Anywhere from 8 to 10 years of age,” Riley’s father stated flatly. “Oh my gosh that’s so young?!” Max half yelled. “Well the idea is to really test and see if this product truly works on human subjects and plus all the parents thought it would be most enjoyable for everyone at the party including you two to be that age again.”

The reason he said this is because since Riley and Max had become friends at the age of 2 and 4 they had always loved being around each other. And to this day had had many conversations about the ‘good ol’ days’ when they were young. They reminisced how easy life was when days were full of cartoons, sports, video games, eating, and sleeping only. They missed all the days of playing soccer, and then going for a swim, followed by playing Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers until 1am. Now Riley’s father was giving them the opportunity. “How long does will it last?” Max asked with nervousness in his voice. “It will last 24 hours and then you both will progress back to your original ages,” Riley’s dad said. “Well lets do it then,” Max said with a hint of excitement as he held out his hand. Riley looked over at Max who smirked at him, “Fine fine give me the dang pill,” he said grumpily. “There we go. Riley you are going to have fun and the process wont even hurt, or at least there was no discomfort shown by the animals we used it on.” Riley’s dad said with a wink. “What I would do is one take them one at a time. After you take it go get in the shower, the warm moisture will help quicken the process and you two stanky boys need one too,” They all laughed, “Soon though you two wont even need deodorant.” Riley’s dad finished. “Wait dad, we have clothes right?” Riley’s dad picked up the target bag that the pills were one in and pulled out two kids size pairs of boxers, jeans, t-shirts, socks, and even two pairs of tiny shoes. “These should fit as long as you are within the 7-10 range.” His dad said, as he left the room and closed the door.

“Ok you have to go first!” Max said to Riley, “you are older, and have to lead by example!” “No no Max you have that backwards see I am the oldest so you have to go first.” Riley retorted. The next 5 minutes the two argued about who would go first, when Riley finally came up with a solution they both liked. They would play rock, paper, scissors, best two out of three and the winner chose what happened. The winner could either choose to go first and get first option of what little kid clothes to wear or second and not get an option of what to wear and save their modesty for just a bit longer. Max one the first round, then Riley, and on the final round Riley threw a rock and Max threw scissors. Max said a number of expletives before Riley said coolly, “ Soon you wont be allowed to say those things without getting your mouth washed out little guy.” As he finished his statement he ruffled his hair. “Fine, here goes nothing,” and with that Max strode out of the room and to the bathroom.

Approximately 10 minutes later Riley heard the doorknob turning and in strode a young boy with a towel that pooled on the floor wrapped tightly around his waist and his face was red as an apple. The long swooping black hair max once had was now shorter than it was but still long compared to Riley’s hair. Riley stood up and the now tiny Max said in his high-pitched voice, “don’t you even think about laughing.” Of course Riley started hysterically laughing and fell back onto his bed. “ HAHAHA you are so small and your voice is so high HAHAHA.” Eric said through his hysterics. “You are next their bucko,” young Max reminded him. This stifled Riley’s laughter. “And I get first choice of clothes now!” Max said happily as he picked up a pair of small plaid boxers blue jeans and the cooler of the two t-shirts that had the avengers on it and strode shuffled his way out of the room back to the bathroom to go change.

Riley then quickly disrobed and looked at his naked body in the mirror as he put his green towel around his waist and put his hands out by his side. “Wow this is going to be completely different in about 10 minutes,” he thought to himself. Suddenly he heard camera click and he looked up to see tiny Max had taken a picture of him standing there looking down at his body. “Like what you see little guy?” Riley asked. “Nope just getting a before and after picture. Your dad just told me he wanted to make one, and that we should have made one for me, but oh well at least we will get to see exactly how puny you become!” Max laughed. “Whatever munchkin… How old do you think you are anyways,” Riley asked as he was leaving the room. “Probably around 9 or so.” With that Riley closed the door and headed to the bathroom, pill in hand.

“Here we go,” Riley said as he downed the pill dropped his towel and got in the shower. At first it felt like the normal pleasurable sensation of a nice warm shower as the hot water ran over him. Although a minute or so after he downed the pill a strong tingling sensation ran through his entire body, originating in the pituitary gland of his brain to his thyroid gland in his neck where the sensation exploded down his spine and into the rest of his body. He shuddered as it felt just like he constantly was getting the chills. Then his body started to compact, he felt as if his skin was tightening and his skeleton was pulling in on itself. He looked down and saw that the sensation had even excited his manhood as it was pointing straight out enjoying the same pleasure that the rest of his body was feeling. He saw that the muscles of his abs, pecs, and legs were becoming smaller little by little but also toning as his skin was tightening. His manhood was also noticeably smaller. The hair of his chest was now non-existent, while his treasure trail, groin hair and leg hair were all shortening and shifting from a dark blond color to a much lighter shade. By his estimation he was no older than 18 and the regression was accelerating. His shrinking muscles started to spasm as they continued their transformation, flexing and relaxing under his skin. He looked like he did when he was 15. “Well, there gOES my driVERS license,” he said aloud as his voice cracked due to the youthening and shrinking of his vocal cords. He continued his descent downward in age approaching the cusp of puberty going the opposite direction. He had just finished his growth spurt in reverse and was looking down at his shrinking manhood quickly becoming a boyhood when suddenly the shower curtain flew open. Riley’s voice cracked and he let out an odd sounding fluctuating squeak as he jumped and reached to pull the shower curtain around his much smaller body.

“Wowwwwww look at you, big strong Riley, Division 1 soccer player, now tinny and doesn’t even have any pubes.” Jake another of his cousins said. “What are you 12 13? I had some down there then? You must have been a late bloomer there kiddo? And I’m 14 and twice your length little guy and you even had a wittle stiffy too! hahaha!” “Get ouT JAke,” Riley yelled and Jake left still laughing to himself. Riley looked down and saw that Jake had been right he had no hair now from the waist down and his little soldier was still at attention. He was 11 or 12 at the oldest now and suddenly winced and let out another voice cracking groan in slight pain this time as his family jewels ascended back up closer to his body. His voice staying on that higher pitch as his regression finally stopped at what he guessed was 10 maybe 10.5 years old.

He got out of the shower, dried off, and put the now massive towel around his waist. Quite a bit of the towel was now on dragging on the floor as he walked back to his room to get his clothes. When he opened the door he saw young max playing Mario Kart. “Look at me,” Riley said as he put his hands down by his side as he surveyed his young body. At that same moment Max took his after picture. “Hey I got you in about the exact same pose you were in before; wanna come see the difference?” Max asked smiling. Riley went over and looked at how different the images were. There was literally not a stich of hair on his body below his head now and he was extremely skinny and because he was so skinny you could see his little defined muscles jump when he moved or flexed them. He even had a slightly visible little four pack of abs. His hair just a little bit shorter and a brighter shade of blond even though it was still slightly wet still. He walked over to the clothes and took his hands off his hips where he was holding the towel and it slipped off exposing him in his birthday suit to his friend for a brief second. “Dude don’t worry about it we both guys and we are young again. “You are definitely older than me by at least a bit so you at least you have that going for you.” Max said trying to cheer him up. “Plus don’t act like the regression didn’t feel kinda nice and that its gonna be fun to be 9 and 10 year olds again.” Max said as he came over and tried to give his slightly taller friend a noogie while tickling his side playfully. “Yea I guess your right this is going to be fun,” Riley admitted. “When I get back wanna play Mario Kart together?” he asked. “Ohh you are going down kiddo,” Max said jokingly giving Riley a playful shove now go get changed. As he shuffled back down the hallway Riley realized that him and his best friend really were about to have a great time being kids again. “This is totally worth it,” He said aloud happily as he put his clothes on. Riley sprinted back to his bedroom threw the door open and said, “alright little guy…. Lets race!”
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Wow... One of the best AR stories that I've ever read! I can't wait to see the gif on my PC - probably too big image my little Droidy :)
Anyways, could you specify the version of Mario Kart? :D
dozen1990 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
thanks sir the image is what creates the story though! and probably N64 (or double dash) as those two were my childhood
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Hot story dude
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